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Location:Singapore Internap
Port Speed:1000Mbps
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Host your Singapore VPS with us in Singapore and enjoy the best possible reliability, speeds and peering in the Asian region. We host our services at Internap, one of the best connected data centeres in Singapore. Internap provides optimized routes to Southeast Asia, Australia and China and have preferred interconnection options with Equinix, Keppel Digihub, KDDI and GlobalSwitch.

Internap's Singapore data center is a short drive from Singapore Changi International Airport and the central business district with easy access to the Ayer Rajah Expressway. This facility is also a part of the One-North development, a key project under Singapore's Technopreneur 21 initiative.

Singapore VPS

Budget VPS

256 MB Guaranteed RAM

1x 3.4 Ghz Cores
30 GB Raid-10 Storage
400 GB Bandwidth
Linux of your choice
59 second Activation



/ month

Custom VPS

Customize your RAM

Customize CPU
Customize Storage
Customize Bandwidth
Linux of your choice
59 second Activation



/ month

Extreme VPS

2048 MB Guaranteed RAM

4x 3.4 Ghz Cores
120 GB Raid-10 Storage
3000 GB Bandwidth
Linux of your choice
59 second Activation



/ month

cPanel VPS

1024 MB Guaranteed RAM

4x 3.4 Ghz Cores
50 GB Raid-10 Storage
1500 GB Bandwidth
cPanel auto installed
59 second Activation



/ month

59 Second Activation

Your VPS will be activated immediately after your payment. Fill out our quick order form choosing the option for your server, provide your details and pay. We will instantly send you a Welcome email with all your server details. You can then ssh into your server or login via cPanel to get your system configured to your requirements. Ordering additional services is also just as quick if you ever need more!

99.9% Uptime

We guarantee your VPS will have an uptime of 99.9%. We achive this by selecting the best hardware, operating systems, software and networks, together with staff that monitor our systems 24x7. We never sleep so that you can sleep easy with all your services operating in the cloud.

14 Day Moneyback Guarantee

If your unhappy with our service for any reason at all within 14 days we'll refund your money, subject to our terms and conditions. Just log a billing ticket requesting a refund with a breif reason just so we know what we did wrong.

Full Control

Just like having your own dedicated server but cheaper than ever. You get root access to your VPS server as well as access to our customer panel that lets you view bandwidth, disk and CPU usage, reboot, enable ppp/tun/tap or even re-install or change your VPS operating system. Cloud hosting keeps you in control of the costs, makes better use of resources, is instantly scalable and is optimized for the best speeds.

24/7/365 Support

Our technical support department is here 24x7x365, weekends, holidays, day and night to assist you. We will get back to you within a maximum of 1 hour , but usualy much quicker than that. Use email, live chat or call us. Customer Service is one of the most important factors in the cloud hosting space today, and we know that it is vital for our customers to have someone that can assist them all hours of the day and night, so that is what we do globally ... we allways have a team of staff working to ensure your hosting services are looked after.

Global Locations

We have located servers all over the world to ensure that we are as close as possible to either you or your customers to ensure you get the best possible response times on your web sites and other services. Check out our test files, IP addresses and locations and ping times. Some great tools there for seeing which is the best location for you.

Choice of operating systems

We specialise in Linux VPS's. The latest and older releases of Centos, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSuse are available to install on your Virtual Private Server . As a specialist Linux VPS provider we ensure that our staff are trained in all aspects related to Linux servers.


We have a range of cPanel VPSs optimised for running cPanel. We will automatically install the latest version of cPanel for you and you can then easily configure domains and add email addresses etc. cPanel really is the best web hosting control panel and we highly recomend its use.

IP Adresses

All plans include 1 x IPv4 address. Additional IPv4 addresses may be ordered up to 10. Beyond 10 you need to request via email with a detailed description. IPv6's addresses are also available at some of our data centeres on request. Reverse DNS entries are available for all IPs.

Upgrades with no downtime

On all our non KVM plans you can easily upgrade your ram, disk or CPU with no downtime at all. This allows for instant and seemless upgrades with no downtime. KVM plans will however require a quick reboot. We also ensure that any important Linux kernel updates are applied with zero downtime and zero reboots.