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1 Do you offer automated backups and generally do you backup the data at all ?

We use RAID disks to reduce the chance of data loss. However the customer must maintain their own backups. We do not offer backups on our unmanaged plans. For our managed plans we do daily backups.

2 can i control all my servers from one panel

Yes, you can shutdown,reboot, check bandwidth and login to the console of all your VPSs from one panel login. You can not however issue commands to all your servers simultaneously. You would need to use a tool like dsh or ClusterSSH for that.

3 Can I move my VPS to another city or hosting location?

Yes we can migrate your VPS between our different nodes in different cities. The migration can taken between 20 minutes and 3 hours depending on the size of data used on your server. Your service will be down during that time but as it is an exact image copy…

4 Can I ping your servers to check response times?

Yes you can ping any of our locations to see what the response time from that data center would be like for you if you where to host your VPS there. Full details with IP address and test files to download to check speeds can be found at…

5 Can I run a VPN like OpenVPN? Is tun/tap supported

Yes we do support VPNs including ssh tunneling, OpenVPN and others. You can enable tun/tap

6 Do you provide full shell access?

Yes we certainly do on all our VPS plans.

7 First Step To Connect with Your VPS

You can conect to your VPS using either 1) an SSH client A popular opensource client to use is Putty see 2) Via the console in your Panel To connect thru your console you need the Console Username…

8 How easy/hard is to upgrade the VPS package ? Can you simply upgrade the existing one or do I have to move everything to a new one ?

You can simply upgrade. The system will add more ram, disk etc and often does not even need to reboot your VPS to do so

9 How to do an operating system re-install / rebuild or change the operating system

There are two ways to do an Operating System Re-install / rebuild or to change the operating system on your VPS 1) Email support and give the IP address and request a re-install with a specific OS and specify that you dont mind loosing your files. 2) Do it…

10 Reverse DNS's

VPSNINE allows for VPS customers to have their own reverse DNS entries. Our support engineers will be able to set this up for you at no charge. Please open a ticket with General Technical Support including the IP address(es) and hostname(s) you would like…

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