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1 What is the best VPS plan for me? Featured

The plan you need will very much depend on the application you want to run and how many concurrent users will be using it, but many other factors also come into play depending on the application. One major advantage of a VPS is that you CAN start small and…

2 Can I mine bitcoins, primecoins and other virtual currencies?

You are welcome to have a go, but the difficultly levels of mining coins are going up tremendously every month. For bitcoins you probably need to get a dedicated ASIC based system to mine, for other script based coins like Primecoin you probably need a very…

3 Can I mount my own ISO DVD CDROM or other image on your KVM plans?

Yes you can use the Mount ISO option in your client area to mount your own image, but only if you have a KVM plan. It is not support on other plans.

4 Can I order more than 10 IPs?

Can I order more than 10 IPv4 IP addresses? Due to the global shortage of IPv4 space we do place some limitations on the supply of IPv4 addresses. Our locations that have IPv6 you can request as many IPv6 addresses as you need If you need more than 10 IPv5…

5 Can I run a game server?

You need to install and manage the game server software yourself, but you are certainly welcome to run a game server on our VPSs

6 Can I run an IRC server?

Sorry we do not allow public IRC servers to be run from our servers

7 Can you do a custom plan for me?

Yes we do offer custom plans. We have an online tool for quoting, so you can get an instant price on the custom plan you require and even order and have it setup instantly. Please click here to price and order your custom plan

8 Can you give me a discount?

Our prices are already very low, but in certain cases we can give discounts for orders of multiple VPSs. Please email Sales with details of your plans and management can discuss it and see what we can do for you.

9 Do you provide a migration service to move my website over to my new server with you?

For orders valued over $40 we provide a free migration service to move your existing website (up to 5 sites/domains) over to our cPanel service. Just open a support ticket requesting free migration after you have paid for your order. Note that migrations…

10 Do you supply cPanel?

You can order cPanel for $15 per month on any of our VPSs that have 1024MB or more of RAM. We will automatically install the latest version of cPanel for you, but you must select your OS as Centos 6 cPanel auto install.

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