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1 Brute Force Detection

BFD -- Brute Force Detection BFD is a shell script which parses security logs and detects authentication failures. It is a brute force implementation without much complexity, and it works in conjunction with a APF (Advanced Policy-based Firewall). ## Get…

2 Can I load balance servers that are behind a firewall?

Yes, in proxy mode your servers can live anywhere and as long as you can get to the real port you are load balancing, a firewall can be used with this service.

3 Changing Server Hostname

To change your hostname, enter the following command as root: \r\n $ hostname \r\n If you are using cPanel, you will need to resync your license with the cPanel license server. To do this, use the following command: \r\n $ /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt…

4 Common SSH Commands - Linux Shell Commands

Navigating in UNIX \r\n \r\n\r\n \r\n pwd \r\n Shows the full path of the current directory \r\n \r\n \r\n

5 Configure APF Firewall

A firewall is a very good idea for a server. Though many people think that a firewall is instant protection that will do everything it really is not. A firewall will help prevent some things but it is not going to stop everything. It is just one piece of…

6 cPanel: Unactive License File

cPanel may spit out a "Unactive License File" error when new IP addresses or added or when your hostname has changed. \r\n If this should happen, please run the following command: \r\n $ /usr/local/cpanel/cpkeyclt

7 Creating a Welcome message for SSH logins

Did you ever want to change or create a new login message antime someone logs into SSH? We\'ll show you how it\'s done. First off login to our server as root. Then type in the following: pico /etc/motd Now type in the security login message you wish all users…

8 Hardware Firewall configuration

A Hardware Firewall is a network device that is connected upstream from a server. The Firewall blocks unwanted traffic from a server before the traffic ever reaches the server. The main advantage to having a Hardware Firewall is that a server only has to…

9 How do I enable/disable my Iptables firewall?

To start IP tables on your RedHat server, # service iptables start You can run the following command to stop iptabes: # service iptables stop It is also important to save your iptables configuration so that it is loaded again on the next reboot. This can…

10 How do I install Softaculous?

Please follow the instructions at

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