Pay for your VPS and domains using BTC

Bitcoin Accepted
Bitcoin is a revolution in payment technolog that allows us to provide very quick setups on orders due to zero risk of fraud with payments, since BTC payments are guaranteed. Thus allows us to provide Bitcoin VPS hosrting and domain registrations with payment via Bitcoin. This allows you to buy hosting services with the peace of mind that you credit card details are safe and allows us to know that payment is guranteed due to the way the Bitcoin network works. Our many offshore locations for hosting including New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Switzerland, Germany and New York City give you a great selection of locations for your needs.

The BTC price is currently $ 40809.62 USD . The days high is $ 43964.76 and the days low was $ 40192.9 , the average price for today is $ 42,451.32

Paying for your server with BTC is easy with our service. A qrcode is shown on your invoice which you can just scan to pay us. As soon as there is 1 confirmation on the blockchain your invoice will be marked as paid and if it is a new order your server will then instantly be created.

Please see our Locations and Pricing pages for more details

If you are looking to make money with a Bitcoin VPS, you are out of luck. The network difficulty is now so high that specialised hardware is required to mine bitcoins. You can however host a Bitcoind server if you need to run your own node for some reason or wish to have your own wallet in the cloud.