#1 Easy upgrades of hardware
With our service adding extra RAM, CPU or DISK space does not require a reboot. This makes it easily scalable with zero downtime.

#2 Instant setup
There is no waiting for hardware to be configured to your required specifications and setup usually takes seconds.

#3 Better security
With your own virtual server you have much better security than a shared hosting environment and everything on the server is yours.

#4 Dedicated resources
On our service resources such as CPU, RAM and DISK are dedicated specifically to you, unlike with shared hosting where they are
shared with whoever else happens to be on that server with you. These dedicated resources thus lead to much more
stable and predictable performance for your applications.

#5 Add your own stuff
With full control over your Linux VPS you can install extra items that you require, or customize your web server with your own
extensions. In a shared hosting environment you are restricted to what the host decides to provide.

#6 Your own IP address
You have your very own IP address with your server. This is great for both security and reputation.

#7 Never have to worry about hardware problems as we make sure your instance has a 99.9% uptime.


Friday, May 29, 2015

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