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How to Perform Internal Redirection with mod_rewrite in Apache

How to Perform Internal Redirection with mod_rewrite in Apache

Somehow everyone always seems to have an issue with mod_rewrite rules. I guess regular expressions were invented by applied maths majors leaving the rest of us at a disadvantage. Still I do think mod_rewrite is one of the most powerful features of Apache and when moving someone from a Windows IIS websever to a Linux VPS Apache install it is even more useful, so when I saw this article I thought I had to share it.

In this article and in the next we will explain how to use mod_rewrite, to map certain HTTP requests to other pages in a website, or to an external URL. In other words, this well-known Apache module will allow you to redirect an URL to another, which we will […]

When to use NGINX instead of Apache

Interesting article on Zdnet today apart from answering the question about NGIX/Apache also has some interesting stats about web server adoption in general.


They’re both popular open-source web servers but, according to NGINX CEO Gus Robertson, they have different use cases. And Microsoft? Its web server has dropped below 10 percent of all active websites for the first time in 20 years.


NGINX has risen to become the number two web server. It surpassed Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) long ago and has been creeping up on long-time top web server Apache. But, NGINX CEO Gus Roberston said in an interview, Apache and NGINX are not after the same audiences.

“I think Apache is a great web server. NGINX is different use case,” said Robertson. “We don’t see Apache as a rival. Our customers use NGINX to replace hardware load balancers and build micro-services neither of which is Apache.”

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