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How to monitor stock quotes from the command line on Linux

How to monitor stock quotes from the command line on Linux

Like me, if you have an interest in the stock market and in Linux, this just seems a cool thing to be able to do. Basically its kind of like top for the stock market and its called mop!

If you are one of those stock investors or traders, monitoring the stock market will be one of your daily routines. Most likely you will be using an online trading platform which comes with some fancy real-time charts and all sort of advanced stock analysis and tracking tools. While […]

Quick fix for timezones on your Linux VPS

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We often get queries relating to time zones on clients Linux VPS servers. The great thing about Linux is that is is a very easy thing to change, even on a per VPS basis.

Lets say you are in Singapore, but you have opted to take a VPS Server in Germany, but you want the time on your VPS to be local Singapore time and not the time in Germany.

The process is simple:

cd /etc
rm -f localtime
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/Singapore localtime

You can get a full list of all the timezones available by exploring the directory and its sub-directories, eg:

[[email protected]] cd /usr/share/zoneinfo
[[email protected]] ls
Africa Chile GB Indian Mideast posixrules US
America CST6CDT GB-Eire Iran MST PRC UTC
Arctic EET GMT0 Israel Navajo right W-SU
Asia Egypt GMT-0 Jamaica NZ ROC
Atlantic Eire GMT+0 Japan NZ-CHAT ROK Zulu
Australia EST Greenwich Kwajalein Pacific Singapore
Brazil EST5EDT Hongkong Libya Poland Turkey
Canada Etc HST MET Portugal UCT
CET Europe Iceland Mexico posix Universal
[[email protected] zoneinfo] cd Australia/
[[email protected] Australia]# ls
ACT Canberra Hobart Melbourne Queensland Victoria
Adelaide Currie LHI North South West
Brisbane Darwin Lindeman NSW Sydney Yancowinna
Broken_Hill Eucla Lord_Howe Perth Tasmania

How To Make Your Linux Server More Secure

How To Make Your Linux Server More Secure

This is a great summary on how to make your Linux server or Linux VPS more secure.

Figure 1: Running services. I run a couple of Linux servers; one at home as a file server and three live servers for my site, my mail, and my cloud storage, respectively. Although I don’t worry about the home server because it doesn’t talk to the external world, the […]

Rainbow Stream – An Advanced Command-line Twitter Client for Linux

Rainbow Stream – An Advanced Command-line Twitter Client for Linux

This is a great new app for those that have been trying to find a way to get stuff working with Twitter without doing too much of your down development with the Twitter API. Great for running all kinds of Twitter stuff on your Linux VPS.

For all those people who like to use Twitter in console/terminal rather than Graphical User Interface can now access their twitter account right from the Linux Console. Yes you heard it right. You can now access your Twitter account using a Linux Command-line Twitter Client called Rainbow Stream . […]