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Semi-Official Google Drive Support For Linux Arrives, What’s Next?

Google drive for linux is now possible!

Three years ago, when a user would attempt to download the Google Drive Sync Client, Google would bring them to the appropriate download page, which of course, is based off of the operating system that user is running on. If a user would attempt to download the Google Drive […]

Tailoring Your Site for Visitor Approval: 4 Tips for SEO Success

For those of you who want to do SEO yourself, here is a quick guide from Websitemagazine that is very handy. Many web sites seem to ignore SEO and wonder why they have so few users, so it relay is something you should look at, and you can in fact do some basic SEO yourself for just a little of your time.

Your website can have the most compelling content, the most inviting visuals, the most insightful user interface – and yet it can fail to deliver the impact you’re looking for because it’s missing the most important ingredient: visitors. While you can (and possibly should) […]

Must-Know Linux Commands For New Users

Must-Know Linux Commands For New Users

This is a great summary from of Linux commands for newbies.

Manage system updates via the command line with dnf on Fedora. One of the beauties of Linux-based systems is that you can manage your entire system right from the terminal using the command line. The advantage of using the command line is that you can use the same knowledge […]

How to run DOS applications in Linux

How to run DOS applications in on your Linux VPS

Chances are that most of you reading along those lines have started your adventure in computers through DOS. Although this long deprecated operating system is only running in our memories anymore, it will always hold a special place in our hearts. That said, some of you may still want to drink a sip of nostalgia or show your kids what old days were like by running some MS-DOS applications on your Linux distribution. The good news is, you can do it without much effort!